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  • The Meaning Behind the Emblem 

    The open book represents the church and the school, both of which have played a large part in the development of the town;

    The five lines, the Five Corners where the first settlement was located; the bow and arrow, the Indian settlement north of the village, traces of which may still be seen;

    The beaver at the base of the shield, the hill, valley and creek, and the various organizations of the town who have adopted that word for a part of their name;

    The stars across the base, the thirteen stars in the flag at the time of the founding of the Town in 1791.

  • Board of Education Information


    Brookfield CSD Board of Education Meeting: 10.13.2021 at 7:00pm


    Click Link to Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 944 9624 8305
    Call in Only:
    1(929)205-6099  Meeting ID: 944 9624 8305


    You can also find information on Brookfield CSD Board of Education website: BCS Board of Education


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