• Distance Learning

    We offer two distance learning courses through Mohawk Valley Community College.


    These courses can be taken by juniors who are in good academic standing. The classes meet 3 times a week on a distance learning circuit with three other schools that they can see and talk too. One school houses the professor and he/she instructs the class by using notes and open discussion. If the students successfully complete and pass the class they are each worth 3 college credits which will transfer with them when they graduate.



    We offer Introductory Psychology. This course is designed to familiarize students with the major divisions of psychology including physiology, learning, perception, motivation, emotion, personality, adjustment, and abnormal behavior. Attention is focused on the mastery of basic concepts and theories along with support research and application.


    We offer Introductory Sociology. This course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts and methods of Sociology. The concepts include culture, socialization, deviance and social stratification. The concepts are used to analyze major aspects of society, including racial and ethnic relations, the family, politics and the state, education, population and social changes and social movements. 

    Internet Based

    We offer 2internet based courses through Mohawk Valley Community College.

    These classes are offered to seniors in good academic standing. The students are enrolled in the courses as college students. The professor and classmates do not know that they are in high school. While taking the courses the students are scheduled in a class that meets five times a week. This gives them the opportunity to work on any assignments that they might have for the week.



    We currently offer English 101 and English 102. The reason we offer these classes is because in most cases regardless of what our students plan to pursue in college, these classes will transfer. If the students successfully complete each of the courses they will receive 3 college credits per course.


    English 101- English 1: Composition

    This course focuses on self- expressive, informative, and argumentative/persuasive writing. Emphasis is place on the composition of clear, correct, and effective prose required in a variety of professions and occupations.


    English 102- English 2: Ideas & Values in Literature

    This course encourages a deeper understanding of human nature and the human condition through the study of ideas and values expressed in imaginative literature and a full-length book of nonfiction. Emphasis is placed on the use and development of critical thinking and language skills.


    American National Government

    This course introduces the discipline of political science through the study of American Government. Topics include the concepts of the political system, democracy in theory and practice, the historical background and content of the Constitution, Federalism and the Role of the Supreme Court in civil rights. It stresses these aspects of the American political system, public opinion, voting behavior, the electoral system, political parties and modern campaigning techniques. 

    We also offer College Math 108- taught in the building. Students must do well on the MVCC placement exam in order to be eligible.